Катя (inostranka) wrote,

Craig's List

I just used Craig's List for the first time as a seller and it was very successful. What I didn't understand is how they make any money. It's not a cheapo site run by one person out of their garage - it's a for profit company with a CEO and a staff of about 25 or so, plus, I imagine, a whole farm of webservers, etc. But I posted my ad for free, edited it for free, didn't pay them anything when the transaction was completed and did not see any ads throughout the entire process. Nor was I ever offered to upgrade to some "premium" classified ad or whatever.

They claim that their only revenue sources are charging $25 for job ads in 10 cities, and for brokered apartment listings in NYC. But that could not possibly cover their expenses, could it? What am I missing??
Tags: business
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