May 24th, 2005


China trip

I need help with planning my China trip next September. All suggestions and ideas are very much appreciated.
As usual, we have very little time (about 8 days) and too many plans; sleep is again not planned for.

Updated itinerary:
3 days in Beijing
1 day to get to the Huangshan (Yellow Mountains) and hike up and down
2 days in Hong Kong
2 days in Shanghai

Updated list of questions:

  1. What guidebooks have you used? I've bought Frommer's and Fodor's, but can't say that I am in love with either.

  2. Any useful websites?

  3. Domestic transportation - did you prebook flights and/or trains? Or are they easy to get from China?

  4. Hotels - do we need to reserve them or just walk up, as the guidebook recommends?
  5. Huangshan - have you hiked it? Did you stay at the summit? How did you get there (transportation-wise)? Did you watch the sunrise from the summit? Was it worth it?

  6. Qufu (the birthplace of Confucius) - is it worth visiting? We would be there on Sep 8th, Confucius's birthday - does that make it more worth it?

  7. What about Suzhou (famous for its gardens) - worth a visit?

  8. Same about Hangzhou (famous for its lake)?

  9. What about Nanjing (the Ming capital)?

  10. Shanghai - how much time (at a minimum) should we plan on spending there? Is it a tourist city at all, or just a bustling metropolis?

  11. Anything else in the Beijing/Shanghai area that I missed?

Wharton | May 20-21

School vacation is over, another year is beginning, and I am still in love with school. This weekend we had 3 Law classes, 2 Strategy classes, and 1 Entrepreneurship class. My favorite, amazingly enough, was Law.

Everyone knows the three reasons to get an MBA: connections, connections, and connections. OK, maybe, connections, diploma and [misplaced, according to the non-MBAs] self-confidence.
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