February 17th, 2005


.Wharton | LiveJournal?

I used to regularly post "Wharton notes". This semester I decided that they have outlived their usefulness - I was either oversimplifying things such that they lost all meaning, or retelling stories about well-known companies, creating a sense of a pop-culture focused education. So I stopped doing it.

Well, what do you know? I've just been asked to do some blogging for Wharton. Apparently, they have a feature on their website that has selected students' diaries for other students and, more importantly, potential applicants to read. They have 12 students from the fulltime program (out of 1600) doing this, as well as 1 executive MBA student (out of 230). I have no idea what the selection criteria or process is, but somehow I was the one asked to represent the WEMBA experience. Little did they know that I am a "professional" at it ;-))