January 3rd, 2005


New Year California Trip

Act I: Heavenly, Lake Tahoe, California
We've been told so many times "you haven't really skied until you've skied out West", "once you try West you'll never ski East", "the worst day in the West is better than the best day in the East," that anything short of Heavenly being an actual ski heaven would have been a disappointment. And properly disappointed we were, which is actually good news for all of us, East-coast skiers. This is to all those who've always felt underprivileged for skiing in the marginalized northeast - you ain't missing that much. To the West-coasters who snicker at East-cost skiing - I extend an offer to take you to our best mountains (I am thinking Sunday River, Tremblant, maybe Stowe or Cannon) on a good day, and if you really love skiing and have good gear, you'll have to love these mountains, too. Now that I've gotten that off my chest, let me proceed ;-))

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Act II: San Diego
And then we were off to San Diego to visit dyr. Somehow it turned into a gastronomical excursion, with a French brunch, followed by a Spanish dinner with a Tower of Sangria, then a Jewish bagel brunch, finishing with a Mexican dinner with authentic margarita. Yummy! And we got to meet and share drinks with some of the folks we'd be spending New Year with - alinaf, dalona, the_furman.

Act III: Big Bear Lake, CA
Finally, the highlight of the trip, the traditional New Year ski trip in sunny southern California - Big Bear/Snow Summit mountains. T'was awesome! Muchas gracias to dyr, who organized it all and got so many Bostonians to join. A real LJ-reunion - vollalol, marrazm, vinnipuh, zioshech, plus some non-LJers. I even imagined that I saw friday13 skiing on the mountain, but I am not 100% sure.

The skiing was so-so, with the weather not being too cooperative again, but the rest - drinking, dancing, outdoor jacuzzi, food, talking-talking-talking, catching up with childhood friends and meeting new ones - was great and I am sure the documentary evidence will be forthcoming from many cameras.

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Happy Holidays!