November 15th, 2004



I rarely fall in love with popular figures. I remember back in 4th grade we had Anton join our class and immediately become the most popular guy in school with hordes of girls following him around. That fact alone made me disinterested. I instinctively disliked Brad Pitt for the same reason, although I had to reevaluate my opinion after Fight Club. Scores of actors who are supposedly the most beautiful people just don't do it for me - yes, I can find them to be objectively without faults, but I somehow don't find them attractive or sexy. Of course, it might have something to do with the fact that my ideas of male beauty are somewhat different from Hollywood's.

All this was a long-winded way of saying that I am totally amazed to find myself in love with a totally mainstream actor. The movie was my favorite kind - a sex-and-the-city type of comedy, with a young guy with a British accent as the main character. Several situations that I could easily relate to and appreciate; no happy ending; the movie not taking itself too seriously; characters that were, in my opinion, three dimensional and were developing during the movie - all made it very enjoyable. But it was Jude Law that made it absolutely, unquestionably, totally fucking awesome. He was simply amazing - not just exquisitely sexy, but also completely believable as Alfie. The accent, the smile, the short hair, the boyish looks and have I mentioned the British accent? He was looking into the camera frequently during the movie, creating the sense of intimacy and making you want to jump out and ...

So, here's what I want for Christmas... Oh, wait, I don't celebrate Christmas. Fine, for my birthday then, I want Alfie on DVD!

Am I recommending this movie? Probably not - unless you think you will enjoy Jude Law (Marisa Tomei and some of Alfie's other love interests might work for the other half here) and the sex-and-the-city aspect as much as I did. alehhandro said that it reminded him of John Cusack's High Fidelity, which I have not seen, so can't comment. And if you did/will watch it, but did not like it - don't tell me about it, my opinion here is purely subjective and not based on artistic merit alone ;-))