November 9th, 2004


Wharton | October 29/30

I forgot to post last weekend's Wharton notes. Partially it was due to the weekend being quite uneventful - we had a final and a mid-term, plus 2 Macro lectures, which I have officially declared totally and utterly boring, if not completely useless. So boring, in fact, that after struggling to stay awake during the Saturday afternoon lecture I actually left class an hour early to go to NYC to hang out with my s/o. That was a first (and, I hope, the last). On the train I met 3 other classmates that have similarly decided to escape unnoticed.

As expected, the only highlight of the weekend was the Leadership class. Some choice quotes:

  • Perfect is the enemy of the good and the timely.

  • Great leaders blend extreme personal humility with intense professional will.

  • In nature, only two phenomena go faster uphill than downhill: grizzly bears and fires.

  • Panic - the level of anxiety when one reverts to last learned behavior.

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