October 18th, 2004


Wharton | October 15/16

Some interesting (to me, at least) nuggets from the different analytical classes:

  • (Stats) Election results polling is more inaccurate than usual this year. The pollsters never call work or cell phone numbers, while about 5% of Americans, myself included, do not have land lines. Moreover, there is likely to be a reasonably high correlation between not having a landline and voting democratic. I am slightly more optimistic about Nov 2nd now.
  • (Stats) Proved the famous "past performance does not guarantee future results" with data from 1500 mutual funds from 1987 to 1993. If anything, prior year's or years' performance was negatively correlated with current year's.
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The most fun class, as always, was Leadership. This time we had a group called ImprovEdge giving us improvisational acting lessons and finishing up with an improv comedy bit. They were basically playing charades, acting out, for example, such gems as "sumu wresting with a toupee instead of the "diaper" and Calista Flockhart (of Alley McBeal fame) as the opponent." We were all ROFL.

The improv "lessons", done in small groups, we were much more insightful, even if a bit less entertaining.
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Я балдею от наших апартментов. У нас тут вчера плохо работала сушилка, и мы позвонили в офис. Сегодня приходил чувак, починил, оставил записочку, объясняющюю, что он поменял и зачем, оставил customer satisfaction survey, и еще и шоколадную конфетку, для полного счастья. Мелочь, а как приятно! Вот и переезжай после этого в дома и кондушки, и мучайся потом с контракторами.