August 25th, 2004


Wharton | 1st Semester

“One down, 5 more to go,” we were heard toasting this weekend. What have I learnt? Is it worth it? Who are my classmates? Can I pull this off? Can one really be a Master of business administration? What do I want to be when I grow up? How will I schmooze when I don’t drink beer, play golf, or enjoy small talk with random strangers?

Lesson 1: Well, if I’ve learned anything this semester, the universal answer is: it depends! And it’s a non-trivial answer, too. The point is that most of the time there are no right answers (although there usually are a few clearly wrong ones). You just got to learn to defend your own version of the “it depends” answer. And, once you realize that “your” answer is not the only right one, you have to stop yourself from defending it with the righteousness of the all-knowing guru. At the same time, as few answers are clearly wrong, you can keep being “right” almost all of the time as long as you have the patience and stamina to argue your position. Is it worth it, though? Well, it depends!

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A friend of mine used to start each of his emails to me by an appropriate poetic verse. Lacking such erudition, I will have to close with my own much less eloquent quote: thank you for accompanying me on this journey, and I hope that you found a few of the stories entertaining and one or two – thought-provoking. A bit too much pathos for my taste, but it’ll have to do for now.

Маленькие радости

Только что пожаловалась, что нет времени писать, как сразу расписюлькалась. С чего бы этого? Да понятно с чего - я опять в дороге и еще не переключилась в новый временной пояс. Да и в самолете пописывала, как всегда. Жаль, что батарейки в лаптопе не хватает на весь полет до Лондона.

При приезде меня ожидали маленькие радости:
* A windsurfer whose first name means ``wave'' in Hebrew gave Israel its first Olympic gold medal ever Wednesday!!!
* Умудрилась забыть книжку в самолете и вспомнила только когда багаж получала. В Америке, со всеми security measures, видала бы я эту книжечку. А здесь - подошла, попросила, мне молодой человек из American Airlines ее через 15 минут принес. И хорошо - книжка не простая, она для Вортона нужная.
* В самолетном туалете, прямо под знаком "курить запрещается" была расположена работающая пепельница. Судя по иероглифам, самолет собирали в Китае. Видать, там еще и курить можно.