July 24th, 2004


Wharton | Day 14

Somehow, I managed to recuperate from yesterday's downer and happy to report that I finally got the non-gym exercise - went out Salsa dancing tonight!

Management Discussed Culture (as in, corporate culture) and how to make or break it. The case was Mary Kay (the cosmetics sold through direct, rather than retail sales). Obviously, the team presenting the case had a lot of fun cross-dressing into the pink Mary Kay-wear. Mary Kay's culture/philosophy, as expressed by her in a 60 Minutes interview, was quite entertaining, too: "from 0 to 14 a woman needs parents, from 14 to 40 - looks, from 40 to 60 - personality, and after 60 - cash". Another gem: put God first [which God? were Jews allowed? for some reason, I decided not to bring this up in class], family second, and work third. Now, how much of this would fly now, as opposed to the seventies? Apparently, not much - their website no longer mentions either God or stay-at-home Moms. Thank God I did not have be a woman in the seventies!

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