March 21st, 2004


Actual ad in the London Underground

"Last year over 250,000 Britons have started a new life in places like Paris and the Virgin Islands.
For many of them, the journey started at the Emigration fair
Come to the 2004 Emigration fair to explore how you, too, could start living somewhere else on the globe!"
- transcribed from memory based on an actual advertisement seen in the London Underground today

I was interested (disturbed?) enough to bother checking out the website, and found out that, not surprisingly, once I thought about it for a second...
"The Big 5 migrant destinations are Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and South Africa."

The surprising fact, of corse, is the existance of such an ad, the website, and the fair. I cannot imagine emigration (not immigration or temporary work, but actual permanent emigration!) being promoted in any country I've ever lived in. In each, while emigration exists, and, in Russia's case, for example, or even in Israel, is fairly wide-spread, it is no way officially supported or promoted, but rather looked down upon and made difficult. So, what's wrong with them, Britons?