February 26th, 2004


Лытдыбр: телефончик

Для всех, кто мне звонил и не мог дозвониться, приходил домой, так и недозвонившись в интерком, разговаривал при плохой связи и так далее - я, наконец-то, перешла to the Dark Side, away from GSM world-friendly phone service of AT&T Wireless and on to "the best national network" - Verizon Wireless. The number stays the same, the service has already improved dramatically - on my trips to and from work, as well as to and from Sasha, the connection has not dropped or signficantly deteriorated even once. The new phone is kind of cute, too - the color-displayed LG VX4400B - the first I've ever actually paid for, rather than go for a free version that AT&T has always provided.