January 20th, 2004


The Vegas Whirlwind

Sleep-deprived (a red-eye from Vegas to Boston is just 4.5 hours - barely enough to keep me awake to write this up), but very much excited and ready to go back.

Somewhat unexpectedly, I enjoyed Las Vegas tremendously. It is so quintessentially American, despite, or, maybe, even due to all the Venetian, Parisian, Moroccan, and Egyptian motifs. The complete juxtaposition and melting pot of cultures, peoples, eras and lifestyles. The Eiffel Tower across from Caesar's Palace; the Vietnamese waitress in a Venetian cafe; the flower garden celebrating the Chinese New Year in the Bellagio of the Belle Époque. And the grandeur of it all - the casino money paying for excesses upon excesses and still leaving huge profits.

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