January 9th, 2004


Decisions, decisions

In the meantime, I got accepted to Babson FastTrack MBA. Surprise, surprise. Now, the real question - to go or not to go?

Luckily, I have tons of time to decide - I have to give them my decision by 9am Monday morning. Thankfully, this is a pretty relaxed weekend, with my boyfriend's 25th birthday, my good friend's 28th, and my boyfriend leaving for Vegas early Monday morning. Oh, and work is a real vacation, too - auditors, new projects, the regular slew of emergencies, "If you could implement these changes over the weekend that would be super" email written at 3pm on Friday. And don't even get me started on the state of my appartment or personal finance.

I need a timeout.

Хотя, вчера было похожее состояние, а Саша принес букет синих роз и сводил в ресторан, и как-то вот оно полегчало временно...