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Trip of a lifetime: Just the facts

What can I say? WOW! I am in LA now, still too overwhelmed to describe the trip. These parks are absolutely totally awesome, jaw-dropping, inspiring, amazing, etc. Mid May seems to be the perfect time to visit - warm enough to enjoy, yet off-season enough (before school vacation) to not be too overcrowded.
Thanks to everyone who contributed with advice before!
The motto of the trip was: why choose one or the other, when you can do both if you just get up early enough?

For now, just the facts: 1000 miles driven
Day 1. Grand Canyon
Down to the canyon, across 2 suspension bridges and back up (down South Kaibab and up Bright Angel Trail)
5am wake up time, 16.3 miles, 4420 foot elevation gain, 7:45 hiking time (excluding lunch), 54F temperature at the top, 85F temperature at the bottom
Finished up with a shuttle ride on Hermit Road and a short hike there

Day 2. Zion
Trip to Heaven (Angel's Landing, a top of the world suspended in the middle of the canyon, the one trail I chickened out on 4 years ago), Emerald Pools, Riverside Trail
5am wake up time, 10 miles, 1750 feet, 5:30 hiking time

Day 3. Bryce and Kolob Canyon (Northwestern Zion)
Queen's Garden, Peekaboo, Two bridges, Timber creek overlook
4am wake up time, 9 miles, 5:00 hiking time
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