Катя (inostranka) wrote,

Some useful links (for myself)

http://www.paulrademacher.com/housing/ - Google Maps meets Craig's List house rentals (metro areas with appt/houses planted right on the map). This is how I see the future of Local Search - all the restaurants, shops, etc. that you are searching for should just appear on the map to make it easy to see which ones are close.

GasBuddy.com - lists gas prices in the neighborhood gas stations, updated daily by volunteers. In the Boston area today the prices range from $2.03 to $2.36.

SideStep.com - metasearch for travel sites (includes both consolidators like Orbitz and Hotels.com and individual airlines and hotels, like AirTran; of course, SouthWest refuses to participate).

A9 - Amazon's new metasearch engine. Haven't really used it that much yet, but looks cool, so I will start using it more.

DevX.com - the answer to my question from a few months ago about a reputable development portal

Я подумала, насколько же я мало сейчас сайтов использую, все сконсолидировалось: livejournal, gmail, google, maps.google, yahoo, audible, amazon, dell, orbitz, [airline sites], britanica, imdb, andrewtobias, [wharton sites], economist, yandex, priceline, [personal credit card and bank sites], netflix, weather, [work-related], ebay, overstock, [financial sites like bloomberg and smartmoney], [a few more personal sites]. That's all, folks??? I guess, the answer is that I get the rest through searching on google...

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