Катя (inostranka) wrote,


Выдержки из любимого (и единственного, собственно, регулярно читаемого мной) журнала:

1. Reading barcodes in Russia???
With so much choice and information available, why don't shoppers simply ignore brands and make a purely rational, economic decision about what to buy? "Brands offer trust," he expands, "and they enable people to navigate through complex markets." There is something in that. In the old Soviet Union, where all products were supposed to be the same, consumers learnt how to read barcodes as substitutes for brands in order to identify goods that came from reliable factories.

Серьезно? Они там ничего не напутали? Во-первых, действительно ли был выбор разных фабрик? и неужели кто-то действительно что-то по артикулу (это, кстати, так по русски называется? а то словарь только штрих-код выдает).

2. The origin of Soap Operas
By sponsoring radio programmes, and later TV shows, as a way of promoting its detergents, the company [Procter & Gamble, owner of Tide, Downy, Gain, Cheer, Bounce, Fabreze, Dryel, and Ivory] helped to create a new term: "soap opera."

А я-то думала, что это как-то связано с мыльными пузырями.
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