Катя (inostranka) wrote,

Argentina & A Management Lesson

We are baaaaaaaaaack! T'was great, muchas gracias!
Argentina: hablo espanol un poco, tango, football, gaucho, milonga, dulce de leche (aka вареная сгущенка), no quiero lomo/jamon/entrecote [beef/ham/other meat] pourque estoy vegetariana, lecon tango privado, el profesor no habla ingles, Russian waiters, Hebrew-speaking Argentinians with brothers from South Africa, Boston amigos, milonga, Caminito street, shopping, mate, hablo espanol un poco mas. Adios!
Uruguay: next time.
* * * * *

Great [de]motivational, [not] leading by example quote from an email at work: "Let's all continue to do X. We all said we would, but many of us haven't, and even though I've been more guilty than most, let's try to continue in any case..."
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