Катя (inostranka) wrote,

Elections, what else?

Hereof fail not and make return of this warrant with your doings thereon at the time and place of said voting.
Given under our hands this 4th day of October 2004.
Attested to by the Constable of Lexington

This is exactly what is written at the bottom of my election info ballot, verbatim. Legacy of the heroic revolutionary past? The language smells a bit of the cannon fire circa 1780s.

* * *

Leaving the minor Bush-Kerry election question aside, there were 2 questions on my town's ballot, plus an election of 5 officials (3 of the races were uncontested). I received a mailing prior to the election with the questions themselves, but no other information or promotion literature. The local candidates were not even mentioned in the mailed pamphlet. Luckily, a more politically savvy friend called me up and led me to a site that listed the candidates and their positions, so that I could make up my mind based on something more than just party affiliation. But what about everyone else those who lack such wonderful friends? In Cambridge the printed pamphlet at least had to have a pro and a con opinion for each question being voted on, thus providing at least some minimal sense of a rational decision making. Is all the advertising for local politics done on TV and radio, neither of which I watch or listen to? Has printed media been forgotten altogether? Or is local politics so unimportant and cheap that there's no advertising done at all?
Come to think of it, there was no printed material from either Bush or Kerry, although I did catch a glimpse of their TV commercials when watching the last Red Socks games. Why not? Why don't they just send you a printed copy of their platform, clearly explaining their positions?
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