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From The Economist:
"Japan conspicuously lacks that American feeling that if you don't want to do it yourself, you can pay somebody to do it for you."
Comment: this resonates so much with me, this feeling is probably what I like most about this country. This, and the availability and abundance of opportunities. Surprised that Japan is the opposite; apparently, their manufacturing sector is very strong, while their service sector is hugely inefficient due to lack of true capitalistic competition. Too much regulation and too many regional banks bailing out local firms who should be going out of business.
* * *
Bush, in last night's debate:
"People all over the country are praying for me. Someone asked me how I know that. I told him, I just feel it."
Comment: in complete contrast to the previous quote (from a European magazine), this statement from the current US president is very alien to me. The religious zeal of our leaders, percolating to decisions regarding abortion, stem cell research, prayer in public schools and general puritanism, is probably what I most hate about this country.
* * *
From a scholarship application:
"Fellowships are open to outstanding African-American, African, or Israeli students at Wharton who demonstrate their intentions and capability to pursue an entrepreneurial career."
Comment: the name of the donors, Shils-Zeidman Entrepreneurial Fellowships, explains the strange choice of countries. I will be applying, [ab]using my now expired Israeli passport.

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