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Wharton | 2nd Semester

...and we are back to our regularly scheduled programming. I could, of course, complain about the additional daily 2 hour class, or the boxed lunches we had to eat during yet another lecture, or the fact that 3 hours of sleep is not enough for the first day of classes, especially on RoshHaShana, but I won't.

Instead, the more interesting stuff:

  • Statistics: In many countries and some US states an interesting phenomenon was observed in the number of prescriptions the doctors wrote. Some doctors were so "prescriptive" as to be clear outliers in the models. Turned out that they owned the nearby pharmacies...

  • Statistics: The IQ tests were devised in the 1920's and the results of the population were supposed to conform to the normal distribution (the famous bell curve). Well, in the initial tests women did significantly better than men. The result - the tests were modified until the difference was eliminated. I'd love to see an actual article/reference for this, but don't have the time right now.

  • East meets West: We have the West coast class visiting us this weekend and the marked difference I noticed is the proportion of vegetarian choices. Apparently, Californians are much more vegetarian. Of course, the statistics professor would claim that I do not have a statistically significant sample size.

  • New team member: we have a new team member! She is an anesthesiologist and department scheduling director at Mass General.

  • The professor pool is more diverse this term. One is from Zimbabwe (white, with a sort of British accent), and another from Israel (haven't talked to him in person yet, but plan to). My classmates are finding the Israeli accent very hard to understand, although they do love the two thirds that they do manage to hear.

  • Finally had a really, really boring class (I hope the prof is not reading this). Being the 3rd class of the day, with no break for 2 straight hours did not help matters. Looking for the bright side, my expectations for class and prof quality were getting too high and my memories of MIT classes too poor. This is a good reality check. The sad thing is that this is MacroEcon, which actually has really good material, if presented well.

  • [Bragging Time] I did ended up getting all A's in all of the three summer classes! With only the top 15% getting A's in each, I didn't think I'd make it and was hoping that I would be able to stop thinking about grades instead. But, alas, it was not meant to be - I will now have to try to keep up the work.
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