Катя (inostranka) wrote,

Есть Женщины в Руссих Селеньях

(Forgive me for the continued use of English - tomorrow's post will be in Russian, I promise)

What are 24 blacks and 8 whites doing? Why, it's the semifinal heat of the women's 4x100 relay. The second heat has teams from all over the world, who are all black and 8 white women - the Russian and Belarussian teams. The Russians end up 2nd (behind the Americans) and the Belarussians - 7th out of the 16 teams. The final is in an hour, and, being in London, I'll get to watch in real time! Still, looking at that semifinal heat, just tell me that it's all nature and not nurture; tell me that the blacks are simply better runners than the whites.

Tell the white women that they are the best, give them the opportunity to succeed, provide them role models of their own race to emulate, do not preselect against them because their race is not supposed to be good at running, believe in them - and you will be amazed by the results. They might come in second or even third, but a close second at that.

Tell the women that they are the best, give us the opportunity to succeed, provide us role models of our gender to emulate, remove the glass ceiling, believe in us - and we'll give you the run for your money! Do not downcast our few role models - the Golda Meirs, the Margaret Thatchers; give us support at home same as you expect us to provide for you; celebrate our career successes as much as you do yours - and I promise that we will amaze you. Even if we still come in second, it will be a much closer second.

Off my soapbox.

BTW, the first heat, with the americans, was simply a pleaure to watch. These women were running so fast, and so much faster than the second best team of the heat, that it seemed they weren't touching the ground at all. That's why sports are worth watching.

Update: the Russians ended up second, after the Jamaicans, the Belarussians - 5th, and the Americans ended up not ending up - they missed the baton change and did not finish the race.

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