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.Wharton | Day 13

Сурово, блин, дыхалки не хватает малек. Хорошо хоть старая закалка длинных дней и коротких ночей вспоминается.

They just told us today that this is called Hell Week. I can appreciate why. By sucking on the water bottle at constant intervals during lectures, I manage to never fall asleep or even let my mind wander too much, but the resources are pretty thinly stretched at this point.

И некому морду набить в минуту душевной тревоги.

Forgot to mention - I am still very happy to be here, no condolences yet ;)

So, what have we learned today? Nah, you don't really want to know - no management or leadership classes, just accounting and economics, and an evening off - really!

Boxed lunch - intro to Wharton's Library Resources: Why would they even bother - after all, we are only here for 2 days every other week! It turns out that the resources they have online are amazing, outstanding, vast, etc. All the news sources you could think of - Reuters, LexisNexis, Factiva, Multex, FirstCall, tens of thousands of magazine archives, and on and on. Also, I finally found something that Wharton exports to the outside world - the Wharton Research Data Service (WRDS). They developed it here and just signed up their 100'th customer.

Economics: how do you lead an army across the river that is 4 feet deep at the banks but 8 feet deep in the middle? The soldiers are 6 feet tall, so, on average, they should be fine walking across. Except for the small detail that they'll all drawn.

Stories of the Wharton Patrol: with all of us being the busy professionals that we are, we had one or two people absent each day - they all had to go to scheduled or emergency board meetings at their respective companies. And I have the nerve to complain about my stretched resources!
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