Катя (inostranka) wrote,

BDay celebration random thoughts

- I've finally come to grips with the fact that I am over the hill. It took me three (yes, 3!!!) honest blows to blow out the no longer countable number of candles representing my age.

- I am now the proud owner of the really cool really slick really new i-Pod (thank you - thank you - thank you to all those who contributed!) The possibilities are endless. I just have to learn to use it ;) Oh, and I think I need a case for all the ten different (yep, 10!) USB cables I now own. Any cool suggestions or ideas for the iPod? I am mostly used to listening to audible books on my old crummy Rio 500, which could not really play music at all.

- Contrary to some of my prior statements, I actually liked most [not trying to be politically correct] of the gifts this year as well. Does that mean my friends are getting to know me better, am I getting more predictable, or was a certain someone helping in the selection process?

- Why are roses so popular? Not only as a romantic thought, apparently. *All* the bouquets I got were roses. Different colors, different families, but still all roses. Not complaining, just wondering.

- After living in my appartment for 3 years, I've finally learned how to have a party with plenty of dancing and drinking, but without having the police come over for a friendly visit (the key seems to be turning the airconditioner to the max and not succumbing to the pressure to open the windows). Too bad I am moving out without another chance to use this valuable information.

- The New England weather never seizes to amaze me - 82F on Saturday, reminding us of Cancun and forgotten sunscreen, followed by 51F on Sunday, making us wear ski jackets to Arboretum's Lilac Day, and back to normal 65F today. Well, at least the sun always shines on my bday, which was quite helpful for the picnic, with ultimate frisbee, shashlyk, and a bit of swimming ;)

- Those who couldn't make it for one lame reason or another... you will have to work hard to make it up (just kidding ;-))

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