Катя (inostranka) wrote,

Нью-Йоркские заметки

Опять игра, опять Нью-Йорк, опять езда, опять поток.
Так, наброски - времени было мало, сложноват маршрут при неблагоприятных погодных условиях (Бостон - Нью-Йорк - Филадельфия - Oлбани - Бостон).

- Деньги, как секс - когда их нет, то только о них и думаешь, а когда есть, то понимаешь, что только этого недостаточно, - сообщил Илья, студент Колумбийской школы бизнеса.
* * * * *
- Let's make a turn onto 42nd street - it's a Thru Street, so it will be faster.
- But it's a Thru Street, so you can't make a turn here!
- Yeah, but we are from Massachusetts, we don't know better.
- Are you sure? There's like 3 signs that clearly say that it's illegal.
- Just go ahead, don't worry about.
As you've already guessed, the cop pulls me over right after I make the turn on my colleague's advice. Pleaing that we are from rural Massachusetts and that it's our first time in The Big City does nothing to soften his heart. The $90 fine is mine to pay.
- We'll split the fine, - says my colleague, clearly feeling guilty.
- Nah - my car, my final decision, so I take full responsibility.
I just forgot to mention that it was my stupidity and chicken-chicken-ability, too.
* * * * *
Two Americas (a pun on our democratic nominees')
Scene 1: Drunk American kids (plus other flavors of native English speakers - South Africans, British, and Australian), in their mid-twenties, looking happy and care-free, drinking, eating pizza and socializing.
Scene 2: Later, the same night, no more than 200 feet away, foreigners, in their early thirties, none of whom has English as the native language, and most of them can't even claim being fluent in it, geekily spending time in front of their computers in their little offices, practicing the sport of office tension relievers.
I was a spectator of both scenes at Columbia University last Thursday night. The difference? One was a business school mixer, the other - Computer Science building filled with poor PhD students.
* * * * *
При парковке в гараж в центре Манхэттана мою машину в порядке общей очереди обыскали. Это у них, что, обычай такой или только мне повезло?
* * * * *
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